Frequently Asked Questions

You can also read our FAQ (Veel Gestelde Vragen) in Dutch!

Q: Why should I participate in the Introduction?
A: The Intro is a great start of your school year! You’ll learn a lot about your fellow classmates during awesome parties and team activities. Next to that you will be familiarized with Breda. After the intro you will know all the hotspots of Breda, where you can go clubbing, grab a nice dinner or anything else that Breda has to offer!

Q: How long is the introduction?
A: The introduction will start in the morning of Monday the 29th of August, and will end in the afternoon on Thursday the 1st of September (around 5 PM). The pool party on the 1st of september is optional, but will certainly be an epic last party to end your introduction.

Q: How can I pay for the intro?
A: You can make your payment on where you need to log in with your student number and password which has been provided by the NHTV. A complete guide can be found here.

Q: Where do we sleep and eat?
A: During the introduction all the students and all the employees will be sleeping, having breakfast and dinner on the Racket Centre in Breda. The lunch will be provided on different locations due to the activities during the day. At night security will be present around the sleeping accommodations.

Racketcenter Breda:
Terheijdenseweg 500 4826 AB Breda

Q: How do I move my bicycle to Breda?
A: You can take your bicycle with you in the train to Breda. However, this does require a additional train ticket which can be obtained at the ticket service. Or, you might find some friends or parents who are willing to drive you and your bike to Breda. If they do, thank them of course 😉

Link of the bicycle ticket:

Q: How do I rent a bike?
A: You can rent a bike at our location, but be aware that there is a limited amount of bikes. So we strongly advice to bring your own bike.

Q: I have a room in Breda, can I sleep there?
A: No, during the introduction you are not allowed to sleep at your own, or a friends place at any time. The school is responsible for your well being, meaning we have to be able to keep you in our sight. If you decide to disobey this simple rule, we have no choice but to send you away from the introduction.

Q: I am allergic to something or I have a special diet. Will this be taken into account?
A: Certainly, at the registration form there is a special section in which you can fill out any special diets, allergies or medication that you need. During the intro we will do our best to provide appropriate meals that will suit everyone. If you are still not able to eat these meals, we will make sure that you will have a different meal. If you are on medication, please state this in the appropriate section as well.

Q: Which studies can participate in this introduction?
A: The following studies can participate in this introduction (Unexpected Journey)

  • Leisure Management – excluding fasttrack students 
  • Management Toerisme (MT) – including fasttrack students
  • International Tourism Management (ITM) – excluding fasttrack students 
  • International Leisure Management (ILM) – excluding fasttrack students 
  • Bachelor of Science Leisure Studies (ILS) – excluding fasttrack students 

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Q: Where can I find my student number?
A: You will receive your student number from the NHTV in a letter through the mail. This letter will also contain your password. If you do not have your student number yet, you can still register for the introduction.