Enrollment Open!


You can find instructions in the link below that directs you to the manual of  NHTV MORE. These instructions set out all the steps to be taken  in order to register for the NHTV introduction week ‘Unexpected Journey’.

We have briefly listed the basic steps for you below. If you are not sure about a certain step, the instructions will give you more detailed information. The instructions are presented below in Dutch and in English.

  1. Go to the website of NHTV MORE: http://more.nhtv.nl
  2. Log in with the login details you received from NHTV. (If this doesn’t work, please send an e-mail to servicedesk@nhtv.nl )
  3. Click the MORE button.
  4. Click Tourism or Leisure, this depends on which study programme you have chosen.
  5. Then click the study programme for which you have enrolled.
  6. Click ‘first year’.
  7. Add ‘Intro Unexpected Journey’ to your order.
  8. Then click the ‘My order’ button to the top
  9. Click ‘Continue’ and pay for your order.
  10. After having paid for your order, you will receive an e-mail with a link to complete the registration process.

  11. If you click this link, you will get to a registration form. Fill in all the details on this form and click ‘Send’. Your registration is now complete and you will receive a confirmation via e-mail.

For more information about the payment, please click on the link below: