Packing List

  • Bicycle! No bike, no introduction. During the introduction you will use your bicycle to get from one place to another. Therefore, you will need a bicycle in a tip top condition.
  • Sleeping bag, pillow and air mattress: During the introduction you will sleep in a sports Center.  Although this will be a heated accommodation, you will need a sleeping bag, pillow and something to sleep on, as an air mattress.
  • Medication: Please do not forget your medication if you need to take them.
  • Money : Please make sure you have enough money with you.  It is also possible to pay by card at all the locations.
  • Insurance papers: The Intro Top Criminals will make sure to organize the Introduction Week as safe  as possible. However, watch you back and take with you your insurance papers.
  • Sport clothes and swim suits: There will be different (water) activities. For this day you will need sports clothes and/or a swim suits. On Thursday it will be a swimming pool party (not part of the’ program); swimsuits will  be  mandatory at this party.
  • Passport/identification: In the Netherlands it be obliged by law that you can identify yourself at any given moment. Therefor you will need to take your identification everywhere you go.
  • Telephone and Charger: There will be the possibility of charging the phones at the location. However,  it would be wise to take with you a power bank.
  • Toiletries and Towels: Do not forget your toiletries for the  introduction, we cannot provide them for you. Also take enough towels with you for each day. Also keep in mind that there will  be a sports day with different (water) activities.
  • Rain clothing: We recommend that you take a raincoat with you because, unfortunately the weather in the Netherlands in unpredictable.
  • Sun tan lotion: We recommend that you take Sun tan lotion with you.
  • Party clothes: You want to look at your best during the different parties, so feel free to wear the best clothes a Suspect can have.

And remember: Everything you do or say,  can  and will be used against you !