Important Information

Supervision / Safety
Every class will be supervised by two students (Hoppassen) of year 2, 3 or 4. These supervisors will be with you at all times. The Hoppas will be your contact person for any problems you might have during the intro. They will also create a secure atmosphere. Furthermore the organisers of the introduction will always be available in case you need anything. Transportation to the different locations will be done by bus. Extra security guards have been hired to guard the location at night.

During the introduction week we will provide the meals. This will include breakfast, lunch and dinner on Wednesday and Thursday, lunch and dinner on Tuesday, and breakfast and lunch on Friday. Whenever you have any allergies or special dietary you can fill this out on the enrollment form. This way we can take this into account while ordering the meals for the week. Especially nut and gluten allergies are important for us to know about. If you are a vegetarian or you only eat halal we would like to know that too. Did you already enroll and forgot to mention your allergies? Please send an e-mail to so we can make the necessary arrangements.

During the introduction you will sleep at Kunstijsbaan Breda. The address of the Kunstijsbaan Breda is Terheijdenseweg 506, Breda. If you would like to attend the swimming pool party, then you will have to make your own sleeping arrangements for Friday night. On the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday sleeping in the festival tent is mandatory.

Toilets, showers and other facilities
The location has toilet and shower facilities for both men and women separately. Also the toilet and shower facilities which have been extra provided are available during the introduction week. We provide spots to charge your phone, other electronic devices can not be used. We recommend to bring a power bank. It is important that you bring your own sleeping bag and mattress. Check the packing list on the website for the specific list of things you should not forget.

At the sleeping location, there is a possibility to buy coins with which you can pay for your drinks. BEWARE, there is the possibility to pay by card but take in mind to bring enough cash with you.

For the parents

College – a huge step in the life of an adolescent, but also in the life of the parents. A new school, a new city, a new house. All very exciting for your child, but it might be hard for parents. All these changes begin with the introduction week of a new study. Leaving your child with hundreds of other adolescents in the hands of an unknown organisation can be a little difficult and this totally understandable.

Breda University of Applied Sciences and the organisation of Unexpected Journey 2019 wants to ensure you that your child is in good hands. With constant surveillance and medics on the terrain, we create a low-risk environment for your child’s health, safety and your peace of mind. If your child decides to join Unexpected Journey, you and your child will be provided with contact information so you can always keep in touch with the organisation. If you have any questions now, visit our FAQ section or contact us via the CONTACT section.