Hello there !

We are happy to introduce the new team of the Introduction Week. We are an enthusiastic team of 6 international students which will make sure to create the best edition of the Unexpected Journey 2017 !

At the WANTED EDITION of the Unexpected Journey we will be the  Top Criminals making sure you have lots of fun during your sentence, below you can get to know us better:


Mădălina  Bucurescu

Hiya, everyone!

I am Mădălina Bucurescu, 23 years old, and Romanian. At the moment, I am in my fourth year at NHTV, as an International Tourism Management student and already did my e-Travel minor. Now, I’m part of the Introduction Committee.

Since I am an international myself, during the intro I will be focusing on the international newbies and make sure, together with my colleagues, that everyone will start their school year with a prodigious experience!

I’m eager to see you all at the Unexpected Journey of 2017 ! 

Cheers ! x


Stefanos Papafilippou

Hello guys and gals,

my name is Stefanos Papafilippou and I am a Greek student in The Netherlands. This is my third year as an NHTV International leisure management student.

The reason why I chose to be here is because of the international atmosphere. I get to meet people from all over the world and learn about their culture. I am looking forward to meeting you during this year’s Introduction Week!


Wieske Ridderbos

Hi everyone!

My name is Wieske , I am 24 years young and currently studying tourism marketing and communication.

Besides that, I am a sociable person and love to meet new people.
I also want to see the whole world with many different people and I am addicted to traveling, that’s why I have my suitcase with me on this picture

I am looking forward to organizing the introduction as a member of the introduction committee.

Together we are going to create an unforgettable experience, this will be a great way to start your new study.

Well, my introduction is short en clear so am I always honest, clear and open

See you at the introduction guys !  X